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24 Hr Service

I had a great experience with these guys, they did off-grid system for our small-business office and warehouse. It’s now almost a year later, no problems and no complaints!

By: Elam Stoltzfoos~Business Name

    The Best! A great experience! Knowledgeable, respectful, accomodating. Works with customer during pre-planning. design and installation to provide the customer better than expected results. Wish all contractors had the same work ethic and client interest! 

By: M K

What is our specialty?

Star Barn Exterior
Historic Restorations

If you have a historic renovation project, your vision is probably to keep it as original as possible. You want to keep as much of the original building material as possible, and of course keep all the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical wiring hidden within the building.

UltraGlow Electric takes historic restoration as its #1 specialty. With our #1 goal to fulfill your vision of the completed project, we take these projects to the next level by boring and channeling wires through the wooden structure and crawl spaces, keeping the wires from being exposed.

Star Barn dining hall
Lighting Timber-frame Structures

Timber-frame building are a unique style of building and may have various settings such as Traditional, Contemporary, Modern, Industrial, Antique and many more.

Many considerations are put into the designing of a timber-frame building such as where to place HVAC systems and how to hide the plumbing and the electrical.

UltraGlow’s #1 goal is to fulfill your vision of your project and take it to the next level by boring and channeling the wiring through the timber-frame construction, keeping the wiring from being exposed.

Accent lighting onto wall
Accent Lighting

Accent lighting covers a large spectrum of lighting ranging from landscape lighting, under cabinet lighting, room accent lighting, and even exterior building accents.

Ultraglow Electric has a special interest in accent lighting because of the unique setting and atmospheres it creates, turning your average living room into an awe-inspiring, one-of-a-kind living quarters. Or, you can eliminate shadows on your outdoor areas - pathways, patios, etc. - and at the same time give an elegant glow instead of blinding bright light produced by floodlights and spotlights.

Ceiling lights

LED Retrofits are in many business budgets for the next couple years. Why?

LED lighting improves safety, quality, efficiency, and motivation on the work floor while also reducing the electric bill and maintenance cost up to 60%.  Why wouldn’t you buy LED Retrofits? It pays you to switch to LED lighting with the average ROI (Return on Investment) being 2-5 years.

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