Thank you for choosing UltraGlow Electric! We would value a survey sharing Your experience with our team throughout the duration of your project so that we can continuously improve our quality and service to our customers.


1. Was the (contract/scope of work) clear and detailed?(Required)
2. Did the sales team present a contract in a timely manner?(Required)

3. Was the project completed in a timely manner?(Required)
4. Did we meet or exceed your expectations of the project?(Required)

5. Did our team keep the work area clean throughout the duration of the project?(Required)
6. How would you rate the relationship with our sales team?(Required)

7. How would you rate the communications throughout the installation?(Required)
8. How would rate the professionalism of our team?(Required)

Our mission to our customers is the continuous improvement of our ability to meet your needs and exceed your expectations at every opportunity. Our mission to our employees is to provide a work environment that treats them fairly, with respect and dignity, therefore allowing them to give you their best performance on your project. Accomplishing our missions will allow us to be a successful company, staffed with successful individuals, conducting business with happy and loyal customers.

We are a professional team who is accountable and knows the value of excellence.